We are ready to say "bon voyage"!

The easiest way to make your travel journal

It is a great way to keep your travel memories.
We are coming soon to your iOS / Android phone!

Let’s make a travel journal together with "Johnny"!

Hi ladies and gentlemen, I am Johnny
Let's go to Paris together!

Let's start logging!

When you arrive in a new city or country,
you can update your location info
in your timeline.

Take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower
and I will upload the photo on my timeline.

Don't worry about WiFi

WanderWorld works even if you are offline.
all you need to do is enjoy the moment,
and make your journal whenever you want.


Let's leave a comment
on this macaron


You don't need to worry about remembering
the path you followed during your trip.
WanderWorld will help you
to find every place you went to again!



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WanderWorld allows you to remember the little things
that you may forget years down the road,
and you can almost feel like you are right there
living your experience again

Thank you for beta tesing WanderWorld.
We will re-launch in a couple of months.